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I have been hearing from lots of web guru types that Wordpress is the way to go for good search engine stuff. The sites there are not that exciting but if it brings  more hits for my art, I am willing to overlook that. I am not a web or IT kind of girl at all, but I get by. I opened a web account with them last night. 300.00 a year. Truth to tell, it looks very much like my blogger blogs. I kept my current web site and bought a domain for http://www.lindablondheimart.com for the wordpress site. It is good for a year at that price, so I will try to get something going with it. It is not that user friendly, but I did get a few pages on it. I am focusing on my field and tree paintings for that site. I may end up hiring a designer to improve it for me. I just want to see what all of the hoopla is about and see if it actually increases traffic. I haven't figured out how to get a shopping cart or paypal on it yet. That will help.
 Anyhoo, having a few days of fun in the painting studio working with my five color palette for a bit and enjoying that challenge. My kids will roll in from Orlando tomorrow night and we are having prime rib and turkey on Christmas day. Yay!!
See you on the flip side and blessings to you all.


Rose Welty said...

Linda, Iswitched to WP from blogger this past June. It does take a bit of learning but I do like it better than blogger. For me, one major selling point is that it is easier to maintain and update groups of images. I use WooCommerce with my theme and it is much easier than PayPal buttons, IMO. Hope you find something that works for you! All the best in the year ahead.

Linda Blondheim said...

Thanks for your comments Rose. Happy 2014 to you and may it be prosperous.

Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
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