Doing some small paintings and medium


Notes From the Painting Studio

Lately I've been working on 8x10- 9x12 and 18x24 paintings. I will have to sell a big painting again before I can go back to super sized. There is only so much room in the studio to show them. I've always been partial to 18x24 anyway, so I am enjoying some painting time with that size. They are a popular sized, not too big and not little.

I'm working on winter field paintings now after having spent the summer practicing the hot weather fields. I am loving the color palette for the winter paintings, always my favorite. The dog fennel and other weeds and grasses are super tall, dried and of a range in color from ,blue,purple,gray wheat,olive and rust. That makes for exciting field paintings.

 On Saturday I've been doing the tree demos, which gives me plenty of tree practice in the smaller format paintings. This time of year I find it easier to do medium and smaller work due to multiple interruptions.

For a long time only the medium or larger paintings were selling but lately I am selling small paintings again, so I am catching up my small paintings in the studio and my small studies on ebay.


Sheila said...

So lovely! I got lost in this for a while :)

Linda Blondheim said...

Most kind of you Sheila.

Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
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