Sorting Supplies

Notes From My Painting Studio

I spent my evening sorting paint yesterday. It is good to have a studio upheaval. I found lots of paints that I had forgotten about. I sorted them into hues in several boxes. I won't need to buy more than a few replacement colors in my oils, for quite a while. Always good news. The chaos that is my space at the moment is difficult for me but I am wading through the process. I will have to put off painting in that studio for a few days while I sort,pitch and re-arrange.  

I am starting to get excited about the move, having my own space will be good. I am a loner by nature and a minimalist. I don't have chochkies or collectibles.  I like a very clean minimal space. This requires me to get rid of a fair amount of stuff that has just been sitting around in my supply room. My studio will be quite efficient soon.  My plan is to be moved in completely by March first. A lot depends on my travel schedule too. I'll be at Fair Oaks for a week this month, which I'm so enthused about. I can't wait!! I am so happy that at this time in my life, I have two studios. I don't know what I would do without the Loft as my retail studio? I am so grateful to Chuck Sapp, my landlord who gives me that opportunity.

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Henry the Studio Dog
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