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Notes From The Loft Studio

Today I got the Internet guys scheduled to come out and hook up a modem and wi fi router for my painting studio so I can move my office out there. Tonight when I get home, I'll move my desk, computer and printer out to the studio and set it all up. They are coming out tomorrow. I am going to move my aquarium out there on Monday, so my fishes will have a new place.

I am looking for a business mentor. My current mentor is no longer free to help me. I need to find someone who is in business but not an artist. My current mentor in in the banking industry. I need a quarterly meeting over coffee to discuss my marketing and biz ideas, with monthly emails. If you know of someone who might be a good fit, let me know.

I am also going to need a part time party planner/ cook to take care of errands and studio parties a few times a year. This person would be willing to work for a per event fee and take care of gift baskets for clients occasionally.  I have relied on my daughter for this for a couple of years, but her circumstances have changed and she will need to step down in a couple of months.

Lots of very quick changes for me but I am confident that I can handle these changes and keep moving forward.

I have my mentoring students on Saturday. That is always quite fun and lively.

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Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
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