A fun Saturday at the Loft and Marketing Pays

My wonderful Acrylics Class
2 painters missed the photo

Notes From the Loft Studio

Friday I had a lovely surprise, a visit from collectors who live in Arkansas. The husband had purchased a small painting from me in December for a Christmas surprise for his wife. They own property in Florida, so they decided to find my studio on the way to the coast. They are utterly charming and interesting. They love the wild places that I love and so we enjoyed a fine conversation about our adventures. They purchased another painting for their vacation home and so I have made fine new friends. For those who think Internet marketing is a waste of time, read and learn. I never would have made these friends without my web site. It also reinforces the belief I have always had, that we must have a real connection to our collectors, similar interests, etc. look for collectors who share your interests. Know who your potential collectors are. 

Saturday was the usual chaotic blast with my monthly acrylics class. We pack the loft and create all over the place. It is the most fun!!! Most of them are really too advanced for the class but they continue to come. I never really know why except that it is so much fun.

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Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
Studio Dog Wears his Fashion Accessory