A good day in the Loft Studio

Notes From the Loft Studio

Larger format paintings are definitely selling this season. I sold a 24x24 today in the loft. Nice to be able to paint large again. Taking more of the small paintings out has been a good move for me.

I hired a professional to do an upgrade on my Facebook business page and to do a SEO package for me. It should all be done after the holidays. With the new logo in the works too, I'll be ready for 2013.

My web site has been more active with sales too. I did a new template for the web site and it shows larger images, so I like that. It has been a busy season that is starting to wind down a bit now. The loft is quiet this week, so most shoppers are finished with art buying, but you never know. it only takes one person to sell a nice painting, so Saturday might be busier. I exchanged gifts today with the gallery staff downstairs. Now I have fancy shampoo and conditioner and a gift card for the Flying Biscuit, my favorite breakfast place. Yippee!!!

I am working on furniture for the next week or two with lots of pieces ready to paint..

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Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
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