Rectifying Mistakes

2.5x3.5 inches
palette knife study

Notes From the Loft Studio

I made a mistake at the Canaveral paint out. I took the risk of doing paintings on deep gallery wrap without frames. It seemed to be very logical and cost saving, and easy. It saved dinging up and transporting frames. They were painted all the way around on all sides so they were nicely presented. There was only one problem. People did not buy them. They bought traditionally framed paintings. 

I should have known better. This is an older, traditional market. The two paintings I sold were to my collectors from other cities who saw my paintings on the blog and my newsletter.

It was a risk that was oriented toward my convenience, not my collector's preferences, so I take the blame entirely. What to do? I'm not one to feel sorry for myself for too long so I ordered several natural float frames for the paintings and they are quite nice. I ordered natural rather than black because they did not have the dark walnut or mahogany that I like. The insides are black which makes them richer looking. This is a good solution I think. I will know better in the future. Back to the framing at paint outs. 

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Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
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