Linda Blondheim Annual Holiday Sale November 27 - December 31

Notes From My Painting Studio

I've been on my oil studio rotation for the last three days. I did not go to Fair Oaks to paint on Sunday. I wanted to give the owner a break for the holiday weekend so he would not have to put up with me. I spent the time in the painting studio working on the monster tree painting.

Here it is in stage 5. I really made some progress this week. I expect that I'll probably finish it by next  Tuesday if I have plenty of time on Monday and Tuesday to paint. I love doing a big painting and taking my time with it. oils are more difficult for me now than they used to be because I don't use them every day. It's good to do some big oils to get the skill set back. It is quite impressive in person as it is 40x60 inches, a good sized painting. Now I will need to find a way to hang this in the loft. It will be time to rearrange some.

I also found time today to start my annual holiday sale. I do this every year on my web site in December. I go through my studies and smaller paintings, using the ones that are older. They are sold unframed, all for the same price to make it easier for me and my collectors. Free shipping too. I am a prolific artist and do many small paintings every year. After they are a year or two old, I like to sell them to make room for new work. I like to think that my work improves every year so making room for new work just makes sense. I also did the primer for a couple of frames I plan to do paintings on this week while I'm at the loft.

This will be a busy week with parties at the gallery downstairs on Thursday and Friday for their annual store wide sale so I'll be there until 9 PM. Saturday I have my beginning acrylics class at 10 AM. A week from Saturday I'll have my annual Cookie Exchange Party so there is never a dull moment in my world. Ya'll come on down to the loft for all the parties in the next two weeks.

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