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Dear All,
I am gradually moving my blogs to my new website at Wordpress. Check it out at the link above.
You will find Art Notes at my SITE by clicking on Art Notes on the home page.


The Fair oaks Studio

Notes From the Fair Oaks Studio
I finished this painting in the Fair Oaks Studio.

The studio is located upstairs in the old guest house at Fair Oaks, in Evinston, FL. This was the plantation guest house during the civil war era. The big house burned and there is only the cistern remaining. I love this studio like no other. It has tall sash windows with wavy glass and as I gaze out of the back window I can see the fields that stretch out to the pond in the distance. I see Buddy and Shane, my canine friends who own the estate playing with their beloved basketball and the staff working on various projects.

The floors are wide plank wood and there is an ancient tattered rug to add charm. Easels are stationed around the room holding a variety of works in progress and there is a large table that holds supplies. I filched the radio out of a bedroom in the house to use in the studio and I enjoy listening to Bob Edwards Weekend on NPR while I paint.  I now have a good corner pole lamp to improve the light and I’m as happy as a clam every Sunday when I climb the stairs to this wonderful studio.

Artist in Residence Project: Fair Oaks Mini Residency- June 22

Artist in Residence Project: Fair Oaks Mini Residency- June 22: I finished this painting at the Fair Oaks studio today. The Summer Grasses Reference photo for my next 40x60 inch painting Notes From My Res...

Wow! Website magic

Notes From My Web Site

What a renaissance my web site is going through this weekend! My dear friends Magda and Sebastian the computer wizards have bulldozed my pitiful efforts and completely redone the site. Just a few more adjustments and it will be transformed. I'm so excited and grateful to them. It looks so good and is so efficient now. I am thrilled. I had no idea they would put this much effort into it. It should be finished this week but you can see it now.

Notes From the Town Studio

Today I did four different miniature compositions to test palettes and compositions for the next big painting. I'm getting closer to finding what I want to do and should have enough studies completed by the time my canvas arrives. 

A good week at the town studio

Sheri and Ed in front of their new painting.

Notes From My Town Studio

This week has been good and I love it when life is swell. I sold the above 40x60 inch painting to a very kind couple. It is on layaway so it will take them a little time to get it. I also met a new collector who picked up three small paintings on her way to Tennessee. It was so nice to meet her. 

Despite the hard year, I am surviving and believe it will improve as more people see my work on the new web site. 

I ordered a new 40x60 canvas to do a painting to replace the sold one. I'm going to do Live Oaks again as the theme. I've been doing a lot of studies to try and decide on my composition. I don't know whether I want to do Live Oaks with palms or just Live Oaks. 

Teaching Ideas in 2015

Notes From My Office
I may have access to a building where I can teach next year. It is not confirmed yet but I'm fairly sure. I will teach three one day workshops at Fair Oaks where I am an artist in residence in 2015. The potential place will be right in town behind my studio across the parking lot if it works out.
I am thinking about whether I want to teach a once a week class or two once a month classes on different days. What do I want to do?  My acrylic class that I used to teach was very popular. We constructed a composition together and we all enjoyed it, so I think I will do that one again. I would also like to do a progressive class which covers what I call the Big Three,  design-color-values. I have taught the Big Three as a workshop in the past, but this would be long term over the course of a year, a serious class for determined and dedicated painters. Then there is the open studio class where everyone brings their painting of interest and I advise them while we all paint together. They are all fun. If I did each once a month, I could do them all. Or I could make the Big Three once a month and the open studio once a week. I will have to ask all of my former students what they think would be best.
Once I decide what to do, I'll start putting the lesson plans together and preparing over the rest of the summer, so when the space is available for sure, I can get some flyers printed and get started the first of 2015.

Stay confident

Notes From My Summer
I seem to be somewhat purposeless this summer. I'm making some progress in my quest to make my way around the yard cutting bushes down, and keeping the bread baking and cake baking going, and a bit of tossing stuff from the studio I want to let go of.
As the painting goes, not so successful in  keeping to my plan. I am doing studies each day and working on one painting a week, but at random. I had every intention of studying something specific over the summer. I often do. Last summer I studied fields and grasses for about 5 months. I'm feeling somewhat lethargic truth to tell. I'm waiting for the spark to ignite.  I'm starting to get interested in Live Oak trees again so I may get onto a series again. I've not painted them much over the last three months.
Part of all this lethargy is the studio change. The atmosphere there has improved and the staff has settled in nicely. I have gotten used to sharing space and I'm growing rather fond of the space, however there is a definite price point issue that must be figured out and overcome. I am close to being done with my web site, just need a wizard to tweak it a little for me and the stats have improved on visits there. Summer is another issue. I never sell as much from June - September. It has simply been a difficult business year for me, no doubt. Certainly not the first, so I will weather the storm as I always do. I usually find ways to tighten the purse strings until they are just short of snapping.
When large paintings begin to sell again, all will be rainbows and my lethargy will magically disappear. The difference in me and some other painters is that I never stop working toward a good end. I never give up and I am willing to change tactics at a moment's notice. In 2015 I will teach again though in 2013 I thought I was through with that part of my career. I can make adjustments and that is why I sometimes survive and often thrive.

Henry the Studio Dog

Henry the Studio Dog
Studio Dog Wears his Fashion Accessory